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Online Advertising Kit: Your Quick Marketing Solution

Great Content is the Missing PieceDo you have a business in Central Coast NSW and have always wanted to advertise it online? There’s so many options and ad venue – it can get confusing.

We understand. From Facebook ads to Google ads and so many other websites to consider, where is it best to place your ads and reach your target market? More importantly, what kind of ads will work to get you clicks and qualified leads?

Advertising Plan Just For You
While we say that Outsourcing Marketing’s Online Advertising Kit is a fast solution for your business, it does not mean that we use the same approach for each of our clients. This isn’t how it’s done. A one-for-all approach does not work.

What we have going for us is a clear picture of your best advertising options online. We take into account your locality – we specialise in Central Coast NSW businesses. Then, we sit down with you to determine your target market and where they usually spend their time online.

Our team is made up of expert marketers, with years of experience in online and traditional business marketing. This is the best team to help put together your online advertising plan. You can leverage their experience and clear grasp of the online advertising to further your marketing goals and really reach your targets. Call us: 4389 4883

Advertising at the Central Coast Business Blog
A big benefit of getting the Online Advertising Kit is that it’s inclusive of advertising at the Central Coast Business Blog (CCBB). The CCBB is the leading talk venue for small- and medium- scale businesses in NSW, Australia. It has been around for years, and has pointed the limelight on worthwhile products and services in the region.

Premium advertising at the Central Coast Business Blog means that you gain exposure in one of the region’s prime online venues. This is where many of today’s leading brands start to reach out to their NSW market. Your placement here can mean more qualified leads and more business. Call us: 4389 4883

Ad Copy and Graphics that Work
To go with your online advertising plan and CCBB premium ad placement, you also get the the services of Outsourcing Marketing’s outstanding crew of content developers and graphic designers.

We want your ad to grab the attention and curiosity of your target. A successful ad campaign turns views into clicks. It leads your market to your website, which is where you do business.

The Online Advertising Kit will equip you with different sized ads, designed and developed by our expert team. These ads are on-point and succinct in their delivery. You catch attention and gain clicks. Call us: 4389 4883

All In, The Best Ad Package Online
Outsourcing Marketing’s Online Advertising Kit is probably the best all-in ad package that you can find online. Not only do you get outstanding ads to place wherever you decide to, you get a plan drafted by one of the region’s best marketing teams. You also get placement in a premier website in NSW.

When you’re confused by all your online options, Outsourcing Marketing does the work that makes online advertising easy for you. We are the team to trust when you want to gain maximum online exposure and more business. Call us: 4389 4883

Central Coast SEO

Central Coast Business Tip: Check out Outsourcing Marketing’s SEO and Social Media Package

ccofnsw-webservicesIt’s a blatant shout-out, we know! But it is really something that most Central Coast businesses need.

We think that it’s great that a lot of business owners are making it a point to have a website. Some have even created social media accounts for their businesses. What’s missing though is optimisation and regular follow-through.

And this is a requisite when you want online success. You ca’t just let your website and social media profiles sit there and not do anything. Your online presence should work to get you new clients and qualified leads.

This is where Outsourcing Marketing comes in. Our SEO and Social Media Package is designed to help you ignite your online presence! Take fire and get on top of your industry. The Central Coast NSW can be a bit laid back but there is competition here – don’t be fooled.

You need to cover all bases. And your website and social media entities make up a huge part of this.

Take Care of Your SEO
Search engine optimisation has always been a big thing. This is why every time Google does something to its search algorithms, anyone that has anything to do with websites is on the edge of their seats.

Are their websites optimised enough? Or have they gone over with their SEO and now they’re bound to be penalised?

SEO is of utmost importance, especially for Central Coast business owners. It is a primary way of getting traffic to your website. Online, you do business through your website. This isn’t to say that you should have an online shop. It just means that your site is where you gain qualified leads. Thus, it has to be “found” online through search results. You do this through search engine optimisation.

With the SEO and Social Media Package, we take care of all aspects of your SEO. This includes on-page and off-page optimisation, as well as content marketing. We sit down with you to talk about your business and your market. We figure out the best keywords to optimise for so you get the kind of online traffic that is interested in what you offer.

This is not something that can be done haphazardly. SEO is a continuous process wherein your website and linking content outside of it need to be updated consistently. With today’s ever vigilant search engines, there is no scamming SEO. You have to do it right, according to acceptable practices.

Only a professional team of SEO experts in Central Coast NSW can do the job right for you. At Outsourcing Marketing, we’ve neatly packaged our service so you get exactly what you need to give your online presence a boost.

Go Social
There’s no escaping social media these days. If you’re in it, you should thread carefully and plan out each post and tweet. If you’re not, you should be. You’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach out to a bigger market.

Outsourcing Marketing’s SEO and Social Media Package includes social media management (SMM) services that you need to get out there and expand your reach. We’re not just about keeping your current followers and fans updated. We want to engage and expand your reach. We want you to reach out to more people who are interested in what you offer.

Of course, all this is easier said than done. Businesses in Central Coast need professional SMM service. This is not work that they can leave to a newbie or a young temp. While social media might seem to be something for young ones, you cannot risk your online persona to recklessness and knee-jerk reactions.

A lot of individuals and businesses have been through hot water just because of their posts and tweets. They’ve worked so hard to get to where they are and gain clients, only to lose them in seconds.

There should be purpose and engagement in your SMM posts. Because, in the end, you want to lead your audience to your website. The end goal is to always lead people back to your website – where they can be converted to qualified leads.

Why Outsourcing Marketing
We have been doing this for years now and have gone through many changes in search engine and social media platform algorithms, standards and acceptable practices.

Through this, we’ve come out on top. Both our websites and our clients’ websites are ranking high in choice keywords. We get web traffic; you get web traffic. Plus, through our content development and management, your landing pages convert traffic to actual leads.

Outsourcing Marketing is the best that you can find in Central Coast NSW. We have helped countless of businesses in Wyong, Gosford, Tuggerah and the rest of Central Coast find success with their websites and social media presence. We can do the same for you!

Call us today to know more! 4389 4883


Business Website Kit: The Best Online Solution for Central Coast Businesses

ccofnsw-webservicesOutsourcing Marketing is now offering web development packages designed to give individuals and businesses a speedy solution to their web presence needs. The idea is to package everything that you’d need to have an effective website. This isn’t just about putting something up online. What we want is for your website to work for you.

So, what we did is have everything in neat packages – all that you need in portions that fit your budget and requirements.

Best Web Development Package for Businesses in the Central Coast

For Businesses in Wyong, Gosford, Tuggerah and the rest of the Central Coast, the best online solution is Outsourcing Marketing’s Business Website Kit.

Sure, you can find other packages out there for businesses. But, these aren’t as complete as what we offer. An amazing website with a content management system (CMS) that allows unlimited updates, optimised content and blog posts to get you started, starter social media platform posts, advertising at the Central Coast Business Blog, and of course your own domain and hosting – that’s everything, hassle free!

This is a great convenience to business owners and managers who want to get things going online without compromising the quality and effectiveness of their web presence.

You don’t have to piece things together and figure out what you need. Sometimes, you might not even know everything that you need to achieve online success.

Outsourcing Marketing knows and we’ve things together for you. Call us today for a free consultation: 4389 4883.

Online Marketing Central Coast

How to Choose a Web Development Team for Your Project in Tuggerah

ccofnsw-webservicesA business in Tuggerah is incomplete without a website. No matter what industry you’re in, your website gets you on the map. It is a basic level of reaching out to your target market. These days, you no longer have a choice about putting up a website. You should have one.

Of course, this does not mean you need to go out looking to hire new staff. You don’t need anyone for the long haul when all you want is a website right now. This is something that you can outsource. The major consideration is finding the best web development team in Tuggerah for your project.

In the Central Coast, you’ll find several options when it comes to find a web design team. How do you choose? Here are some tips:

Look for a local. Or at least, look for a team with a local representative: This is about convenience, more that anything. Having a local development team implies that coordination is easier. You work at the same time. You can always call when you want to discuss the project. And, in case of emergencies, you can go knocking on their doors. There is an incomparable level of comfort that you can’t get elsewhere.

Another benefit of getting a local is when you want local flavour for your website look and content. For instance, you sell guided outback tours. You will definitely benefit from having a local web development team that can take photos for you and write about it in a way that truly conveys an Aussie’s love for the outback.

Start with their expertise: Of course, you shouldn’t factor out expertise, especially those that are specific to your project. For web development projects, you will likely require a team that has design and programming know-how. Consider that today, design skills carry more weight. Next is some CSS and HTML skills.

Why is this so? It’s because a popular approach to putting together a website is to use readily available content management systems (CMS) as back end. Examples here include WordPress and Joomla. There are several advantages here. Foremost is the time you and your team save when putting up a website. This may significantly lower the man hours that you need to pay for.

And, this isn’t a shortcut. Sure, it is a convenience for the web team. But for the most part, this is about providing you with a complete web solution, wherein you get a unique and professional-looking website that you can update yourself in terms of content and function (through plug-ins).

As we said earlier, you will definitely not need to employ a web design person. All you need is to find a great website design team in Tuggerah to get your site started. Once it’s up and running, you can manage it yourself.

Ask about their experience: That being said, you need to look for someone with experience too. While we shouldn’t discount the skills of newbies and young people, you will likely benefit if work on your project is by someone who has done similar projects. This is a matter of practicality. The assumption here is that someone who has done similar work can work faster. They are also likely to know the pitfalls and problem scenarios well enough to prevent them or, at least, minimise their impact.

Of course, you also need to take into consideration the inherent uniqueness of your web design requirements. Regardless of how similar projects are, the cookie-cutter approach should never be the default. There are similarities and this means less man hours. But, there are differences too. And your web development team in Tuggerah should know which is which and act accordingly. Focused attention should be give where it matters.

Ask for a quote: Price matters. From experience, it is usually the mid-range priced services where you get the most bang for your buck. You might be tempted to get with the lowest priced service provider. And sure, their rate does not necessarily reflect their skill level as proven by many international contractors. However, there is an innate risk to it. Unless you really know who you’re dealing with, within the region or outside, rates can reflect work quality.

If this is your first time contracting web design work in Tuggerah, stick with what feels comfortable. This goes with the price too.

How do you get started? First, draft a map or a wire frame design of your website. Write notes about functionalities that you want per page. Then, get your prospective web development team in Tuggerah to give you a quote. This should be for free. And, quotes should be fixed, with no hidden charges and additional fees. To guarantee this, get everything in writing.

Of course, you may change your mind about some functionalities and content. You just need an additional quote for these cases, and also put this in writing.

Check out what their other clients say about them: Wait! Before you start hiring, talk or email some of your Tuggerah web design team’s former clients. Some of the best hires are found through referrals or good word of mouth.

Are you ready to hire the best web development team in Tuggerah? Call Outsourcing Marketing today! 4389 4883

Outsourcing Marketing: How to Choose a Contractor

ccofnsw-webservicesTo date, outsourcing remains a formidable alternative to permanent hires. It offers advantages that you can leverage to help grow your business fast. Foremost, of course, is savings. You don’t need to spend as much capital and time to find and train the right people. You can get right down to business with manpower that has the right amount of experience to get you the best results.

Problems arise when you choose the wrong person or team. You end up wasting money and time. Plus, you are no closer to your productivity goals.

This is a risk that you take. And, it is likely that the benefits of outsourcing marketing will still outweigh the risk. You just need to know how to select the best contractor for your project. Here are some tips.

Look for the pros: Whatever your project is, you can find the best person or team for it, at the price that you can afford. You just have to know what to look for. Do a quick survey of similar projects. What skill sets and services did they require to accomplish the project? What’s the usual going for such skill set?

You will find several options online where you seem to have the right fit. One of them is Outsourcing Marketing.

What do you need to look at? Check out resumes and portfolios. Look at past projects. Check out client testimonials. Contact past employers if you musts. We will discuss tips for this below.

When you’ve got a good roster of candidates, you’ve reached a point where you need to make a decision. It is not just a matter of which candidate or team you choose. You also need to weigh costs.

Are you going to go with the pricey contractor with so many happy clients and impressive skill sets? In many cases, these are big operations, with several Project Managers and support staff. It may pay to deal with them. However, you can expect to just be “one of the clients,” among many. You are likely to not get personalised service, as well as truly unique designs.

This is just an observation, of course, and may not hold true for some high-priced contractors. But it is a fact that huge companies would eventually find a way to hasten service delivery in order to cut man hours. A way to do this is to have ready templates that can be revised easily.

You can you go mid-way with a good contractor who has a few clients and specific skill sets that you actually need. This is a good middle, often with little risks. Of course, choose one with a good track record. Check out their portfolio and client testimonials. Likewise, ask about similar projects.

Do a background check: You need to be safe. It is unfortunately easy to forge expertise and experience online. And talk can just be ‘all talk.’ So do a background check. If you are hiring individuals, get a list of references, ideally former employers. Take time to call or email, especially for big crucial projects.. If you are hiring teams, check out their portfolio of former clients. See if you can get in touch with them.

Ask about similar projects: Experience is important when you want to get work done fast and with minimal errors. This is where past projects come in. While no project is the same, similarities help move things along for you. You can expect for work to be done faster and with minimal errors.

And, you can almost always tell right away when similar work has been done. The contractor knows exactly what you need and what you want to achieve with your online presence. Their knowledge is industry-specific, and they might just have some suggestions to improve your approach to your website. Although, of course, you can just ask if they’ve done anything similar in the past.

Talk to former employers and partners: This is is probably the best background check that you can do when it comes to contractors. Talking to former clients may be one of the best things that you can do for your project. And, it is beyond knowing if your contractor has got what it takes to fulfill your requirements. It is more than that.

You and the former clients may have different temperaments. They might have different work expectations and practices. But you have one similarity and it’s the most important. You are all clients (former and potential) of the contractor.

You must know how your prospective contractor handled the project. Is the person or the team responsive and organised? Did they make a work schedule, with milestones; and actually followed through? Did they check and recheck their work?

It is important to know how your contractor handles his or her clients. This is indicative of the work environment that you will be placing yourself in as you work on your project. It is important to have an amicable and professional relationship with your contractor.


Put these together – expertise, experience and talk – you can already tell who’d be best for the job.

Need help with your web development and SEO project? Get in touch with Outsourcing Marketing today! 4389 4883

What to Look for in a Business Website

ccofnsw-webservicesBuying your first business website? Congratulations! It’s your first good step in great marketing. You need a website – you can’t do without one.

Of course, remember that not all websites are created equal. Some are good-looking but does not work to convert traffic into customers. Some lack any helpful information and are just for show. And still some are useless and does not get your business enough “exposure.” Your clients can’t find you online even when you have a website.

This defeats the purpose of having a website. When you go online, the ideal is for that online presence to work for you. You should be able to reach out to your target market and get new business.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a web guru to figure all this out. We’ve put together tips for you. When you have your website designed, here are things that you should look out for:

Look for responsive websites: Whether you’re having your site created from scratch or are buying a ready-made template, you need to ensure that this is a responsive website.

A responsive website is a website with a look and layout that adjust to the device being used by the viewer. With the popularity of mobile gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones, your audience may view your website through different-sized monitors.

Your website needs to adjust to this and still look good and readable.

This is not merely an issue about the visual aspect of your website. Site responsiveness now also affects how you rank in search results. Google has explicitly stated that it will prioritise pages that are responsive to the devices used to view them.

This then makes it a requisite. So don’t settle for anything less. Ask your Wyong web designer for it. Test your site using different gadgets before you sign off on it.

Write your content for your audience, not the search engines: Yes, you will want to do SEO for your web page. This is where you optimise so you rank on top of search engine results. However, there are legitimate non-spammny ways of doing this which do not compromise your website’s content.

In the past, content was compromised for the sake of SEO. “Gurus” stuffed web pages with keywords up until the time that search engines like Google got wise to the practice. Sanctions were imposed against erring websites and webmaster. Thus, it is important to “behave” when it comes to writing your content.

Besides, your goal should be about convincing people to sign up as customers. You’re not out there to woo search engines. With proper and within-guidelines meta content, you can win top rank in search results. There is definitely no need to stuff your content with keywords. This only makes your words unreadable to the average site visitor. If they see this, their logical reaction is to leave your page.

The better approach is to create landing pages that convince with well-thought out content, complete product description and Call-to-Actions that work. Do you need professional help to get this done? Perhaps.

What’s definite is that you need to spend time constantly working on you content.

Take note of the images that you use: There was a time when a handful of image companies clamped down erring designers who used “stolen” images that we slightly modified to look original. This is a practice that needs to be curbed – not really for the sake of these image companies – but for the sake of your business. Know where your images come from. If you can, take them yourself or buy them online.

Don’t forget your optimisation: We mentioned earlier that you should focus on content intended for your human audience. While this is true, you should also not forget about your meta content and keywords.

Have a set of keywords in mind. Make sure to include general and niche keywords. You will use this for your on-page and off-page optimisation.

On each of your pages, images and links, make sure to include a meta title and description. The purpose here is not to have another venue that you can flood with keywords. The original purpose of the meta content is to aid people with browser set up to not load images. The metas are supposed to explain to them what images and other elements were.

Now, the metas help search engines know more about the page it’s indexing. This is why it is pays to make sure to have good non-spammy ones on each of your pages that you want indexed.

Go out of the box: By this, we mean that you also need to go out of your website to do online marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. A website needs to reach out. And there’s only so much that on-page SEO can do. It has to reach out and tell people about what it offers. This is done through linking blogs, social media accounts and others.

You can take it upon yourself to read up about all this up until you have a good grasp of all that needs to be accomplished. Or, you can call Outsourcing Marketing today. 4389 4883. Consultation is free. We want to empower the local business community with all that they need to find success online.

Web Design Service Partnership with the Central Coast Business Blog

ccofnsw-webservicesWe are pleased to let everyone know that we’ve expanded our working relationship with the Central Coast Business Blog. Apart from maintaining the site, we are also now offering our web development and search engine optimisation services directly in partnership with

This represents an expansion of our market reach, as well as an extra service to readers and followers of the Central Coast Business Blog.

There is something new here for everyone. You will find it in our website too:

We are now offering web service packages, designed to provide you with complete web development, SEO and SMM solutions that suit your budget and needs.

This simplifies putting together an action plan, and lessens your costs too. Through web development and SEO packages, you get everything that you need in a compact price. We put these together with the idea of making it easier for you to get set up online, right away.

Individuals and start-ups might be interested in our Web Starter Kit. This is the most basic of the lot and considers the apprehension of new digital entrants. We understand that the importance of being online through an optimised website and social media presence is not as apparent to those just starting out. This package is designed to give you everything that you need to get started online. You can begin to see how your web presence is crucial to being on the same level playing field as your competition. You lose out when you’re not online.

ccofnsw-webservices2For businesses that have been around, it is likely that you already have a website. The Business Kit Package is designed to jumpstart your web presence. Your website and social media presence have to work for you. These aren’t just for show. You should be able to lead prospects to your website and convert them to qualified leads. This is the only way that your digital properties can matter and really be worth what they cost.

Through our expertise and experience, you can reap gains from your online presence. Get started today and win over your competition!

Get our SEO and SMM service package when you want an expert team that can get you on the top of the charts!

Leading in search results ranking and connecting with your online audience through social media are not as easy as they sound. This takes a lot of hard diligent work. You need to be constantly updated on trends, changing search engine algorithms and best practices in SEO and SMM. When you want this done right, talk to us!

Our Online Advertising Kit is for businesses that want to make the most of their online marketing. When it comes to advertising, you can’t just have any ad and place them wherever you can.

The graphics that you use need to be well-thought out. These will only be seen briefly by your target audience so you need to make sure these few seconds count. Convert page views into clicks. Lead people to your website through on-message images and Call-to-Actions that work. You also need to be strategic about where you place your ads and for how much (when bidding for views).

Our team can help you with this. Not only will we design the graphics for you. You also get prime spot on the Central Coast Business Blog, as well as an analysis of your other online advertising options. Know more about it here!

Content is still king in these days of memes, tweets and vines. What you write determines where you are in search engine ranking and social media circus totem pole. You have to optimise for search engines, while reaching out to your target audience with engaging and helpful content.

This is one of the major reasons why Outsourcing Marketing and the Central Coast Business Blog is on top. We have great content that keeps people coming back for more. And, we make sure that what we put out there is optimised using best practices in SEO and SMM.

Need the best content for your website? Avail of our Content Development service! Talk to us!

Know Your Target Market

Great Content is the Missing PieceIf you are a local business in Central Coast and you want to create or improve your web design website, you need to know your target market very well. Having online presence is not just about creating a nice -looking website. A nice looking website is never enough. It won’t matter that your site looks good if no one knows about it, if you don’t get online traffic. And even when you get website traffic, if it’s not the right kind of traffic, you won’t be able to convert them to qualified leads.

  • Develop a website that clicks with your target market
  • Get them to sign up and buy
  • Enjoy qualified traffic on your website

When you plan your web design website, one of the first things that you need to do is to think about your target market. You will plan your website according to what you find out about your target. What are their ages, education status, and relationship status? Do they have children? Do they have more disposable income? What do they search for online when they research about your line of products and service?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask. When you reach aswers to your questions, you need to design your web design website for your Central Coast target market. Your site’s look and content should correspond to what they like. Your product title, description and call to action should respond to their needs.

Outsourcing Marketing can help you profile your correct target market and develop the best website and online marketing plan for for them. Talk to us today about taking the first step toward online success!

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Online Marketing

Outsourcing MarketingOutsourcing your online marketing might be the best thing that you can do for your Central Coast business. While there are risks in giving crucial work to people you don’t know as well, when you choose the right people for the job, it may be the best thing that you do to boost revenue. Outsourcing marketing leverages your core competencies and the core competencies of your partner company. As a team, you can work together to achieve your online marketing goals.

  • Reach your target market through a well-planned online strategy
  • Get website traffic and convert them into qualified leads
  • Achieve industry leadership by being the best at what you do
  • Take advantage of the best online marketing team in Central Coast NSW

Outsourcing your online marketing will help you focus on what you do best. Sometimes, especially for a small- or medium-scale business in Central Coast, you need external help for specialised functions, such as online marketing. You may be tempted to do it yourself but the field is murky, to say the least. There are a lot of aspects to consider. And, for each aspect you go into, you need to excel in it – it’s how you get on top of online searches and search engine ranking.

You have to stand above your competitors and be the best in your field. Outsourcing online marketing can help you achieve this. Just remember to choose the right online marketing team in Central Coast NSW.

Talk to us today about how we can help you be the best in your industry!


Search Engine Optimisation: Basic Rules

online marketing Central CoastWhen doing search engine optimisation for the first time – or if you want to know what your professional SEO team should be doing – it is important to know the basic rules that applies to any SEO effort. These rules will end up determining if your website ranks on top of search engine results or if it suffers penalties from Google and the rest.

  • Know effective SEO practices that can get you top ranking
  • Stay on top of your search engine optimisation efforts
  • Take advantage of the benefits from ranking in search engine results

Your professional SEO team should know these basic rules (and more) if they are to help you achieve top rank.

Do not overstuff with keywords: This is one of the tricky rules of SEO that have “sub-rules” or “commandments,” which oftentimes do not agree with each other. It actually gets to the point where you don’t know which commandment to follow.

The best way to deal with this situation is to keep things natural. While you need to be conscious about using the keywords that your target market is likely to use, you should also use them naturally. You should not overuse them such that it becomes obvious that you’re optimising for those keywords. If it’s obvious to your readers, it will definitely be obvious to search engine spiders. This will only lead to ranking penalties.

Do not be devious about how you include keywords on your webpage: There are those who still use invisible text to stuff their pages with keywords. This practice is frowned about and penalised by search engines.

Make sure that your meta description actually match the page it is describing: Do not try to plug in your priority keywords on pages that have nothing to do with them. Make sure to keep things natural and logical.

Have a suitable title for your page: You only get a few characters for your page title. Make sure you make the most of this by including your main keyword and your company name.

Create informative and original content: Your content is still the foremost reason why people and search engine spiders go to your site. Make sure that this is interesting and original. Do not make the mistake of filling up your page with “trash content.” This will not help you with SEO. And definitely, this will not keep your target market engaged.